Sil-Va Commerciale Srl - Produzione antivibranti e articoli tecnici in gomma


MANUFACTURING of antivibration mounts
and rubber molding

The company and its history.

Sil-Va Commerciale is an engineering company born from the acquisition of a company in the automotive sector that regenerated shock absorbers for cars.

The work of regeneration is soon abandoned and the Sil-Va Commerciale dedicates itself to the expansion of the rubber molding department for the production of elastic joints.

In 1998, the Sil-Va moved its headquarters from Varese to Besozzo (VA), occupying the premises of a new plant which covers an area of about 2,800 square meters, 1,100 of which are covered and used as offices, laboratory, production and stock.

From 2000 Sil-Va Commerciale, in order to meet the demands of the international market, with whom collaborate by several years, boosts the sales department dedicated to research and customer care inside and outside Europe.


SilVa Commerciale: produzione antivibranti e stampaggio gomma